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April 2, 2009

Chillin in the breakroom

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It took us a long time to decide what the first post would be.  After too much contemplation, we decided that a group post would work best.  Give the new readers a chance to meet us all at once and the old readers to see that not much has changed except our address.


Jaila – I am the story teller of the group and I have a few stories that I am working on right now.  I won’t even promise you a date on them.  If its one thing you will learn about us is that we do things on our own time and its hardly EVER when you want it to be.  Hopefully you will like them.

JlaB – Yall know I stay on that bullshit.  If you follow me on twitter, you will see it first hand.  I am the one who tells it like it is with a little laughter sprinkled in.  There have been plenty of things to chuckle about.  The dude that came to where we work and I had to stop myself from saying “SHREK!”.   The mf who asked me if he removed the sim card from his cell phone and left it on his desk would that stop his phone from ringing.  *true mf story*, and the story of the pimp who paid his bitch in *wait for it* CHICKEN NUGGETS.  STORY HERE *chokes laughing and passes out*

Sara – They call me the sugamonster.  Without me these cretins wouldn’t even have a mf life.  I will be telling you stories of the past cause they don’t let me out much.  You will have to either email us or see us on twitter to get the password to anything I post.  Yea, its that extreme!

Cocoa – *exhale waves smoke away* wassapinin?!  I’m the one who enjoys the slomo and the spirits.  Cognac has been our drink of choice lately.  Vodka a second choice.  I’ve decided to chill out for a week tho so I don’t really have much to say.  However, last time I got slow, I asked a few questions on instant messenger that had me in stitches the next day.  “Have u ever seen a leprechaun, do men use one square to wipe after they pee, do unicorns shit colorful sprinkles and cry holy water, etc”  Yea, you will have fun with me.

Joy – I’m new. I’m seven.  Its weird cause I’m from before not from now.  So the stuff I get to talk about is from, well, before.  I don’t come out all the time cause they wont let me.  I’m supposed to just be quiet and remember stuff, but sometimes I have to tell someone cause nobody would listen to me back when it was before.  I think they put me away cause I’m sad a lot and I cry sometimes.  They don’t like it when I cry.  So I just play with my barbies in the corner until one of the grown ups say I can tell you stuff.  They say I am the little girl that’s lost..but I’m not sure what that means.

Evil One – These bitches refused to even give me a name.  They do all they can to control me but they can’t deny that I am here.  I spend most of my time trying to convince one of them to do what I say.  Sometimes it works, but not as often as I would like.  I wanted to ram the car in front of me after it cut me off on the highway in the rain the other day.  They wouldn’t let me.  Then I thought well we got this here “stella” with us, can we just show it to them?  They wouldn’t let me.  They forgot to put the cheese on my egg and cheese biscuit the other day.  I wanted to go stomp the throat of the mf in the kitchen, but they wouldn’t let me.

JP – Guess I’m last cause I have the most to say.  It has been a while since some of you were caught up on all that is going on at home and with the girls.  For the new readers, we have two children.  Adub/Po our sixteen year old and Little Miss our 8 year old.  As a single mom, our struggles are everlasting but we continue to move forward.  After being on medical leave for 4 months after discovering foot problems (we stand all day at work), returning to work has gone smoothly.  Now we just have to keep pushing it so that our commission pay kicks in.  It sucks that commission is paid a full MONTH after its earned.  But the house continues to run smoothly.  The teen found something that she loves and wants to pursue as a career.  Graphic Arts has caught her eye.  There is a college in Florida, founded by a man with dyslexia, that understands that there are students who have passion and are driven but may have struggles that keep them from being stellar students in school.  Adub has struggled in school always with ADHD.  I refuse to medicate her, and opted years and years ago to teach her to cope on her own.  Not easy, but possible.  I am so proud of her though.  Hopefully, now that she has something to drive towards, she will actually keep positive momentum going and make something of herself.  Little Miss is doing fabulous in school.  She is a full grade and a half ahead on reading level.  Her passion for books exceeds mine.  My grandmother sent her $100 for such a good report card.  You know she spent it on littlest pet shop toys and Wii games.  All is well in the JP household.  I myself am doing well also.  Still single too.  70% of the time I’m glad about that.  Probably because its been so long I’m used to it.  30% of me still believes in the fairy tale that is love and all the mushy shit that goes with it.  However, I still refuse to relax my standards for the sake of being romantically connected to someone.  So the answer to that annoying ass question still remains:  J, why are you STILL single/Why don’t you have a man, Why aren’t you married?  Answer:  Because I have yet to meet a man who meets and/or exceeds my standards.  Until then, we shall continue to ride solo.

You’ve met the group and it is our hope to bring you something daily.  Please stick with us as we try our best to get back into blogging on a regular basis.  New Readers:  Here are a few links to keep you entertained.

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301n13c See you next time


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  1. All I know is I am gonna kick all-o-y’all asses for making me look somewhere else for you all! And I know I may get tired of kicking seven big asses but I am committed to the bit! Making me change my links AGAIN!

    And welcome to your new spot!

    By the way, Usama told me to tell you to tell The Evil One that she sounds smoking HOTT!!!! She got the body to back up that attitude? (you know how he get…)

    Comment by thesecondsixtyeight — April 3, 2009 @ 3:21 PM

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