The View From Within

About The JlaB

Welcome to the JlaB.  Let me attempt to explain “The View From Within”

Not long ago I discovered that there are many pieces to the puzzle that is Jaila.  To better understand myself, I began to identify the different pieces and their significance in my life.  Not to be confused with multiple personalities, the many characters of this blog represent the different parts of me that make the whole.

This is your opportunity to understand me.

The view from within contains the thoughts, feelings, ideas, rants, etc. of the many pieces to the whole.  The characters include:

JlaB – Outgoing, sometimes outspoken, it is what it is attitude having chick of the group.  JlaB will most likely say what has to be said without any sugar coating.  Her tongue can be raw at times and the things she says may shock you.  She has a big sense of humor and a bad case of potty mouth.

Jaila – the storyteller.

Cocoa – Cocoa stays in a cloud of smoke or a puddle of grapes.  She doesn’t say a whole lot but when she does its either extremely thought provoking or absolutely absurd.

Sara – So the sexaholic who is always in rehab.  Her stories tend to be off the chain though.  Her posts will be password protected.  Simply contact JlaB for the password.

Joy – Everybody has the kid within.  Joy is the little girl in us.  She grew up chasing fairy tales and dreams and met a lot of pain and turmoil along the way.  See the world from her point of view.

JP – is the loving parent and homebody.  If it involves parenting, life lessons or harmony at home it will come from her.  She is not interested in much of anything else.

the EVIL 1 – has no name.  I have attempted to name him several times to no avail.  Yes I said HE.  He dwells in a dark place and rarely shows himself.  To be true to oneself it is important to expose ALL that is within so I can’t deny that he exists.

Enjoy The View From Within


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