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April 3, 2009

Let Me Tell You Why I’m Mad!

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Sooo I kept seeing a Popeyes Chicken commercial on tv.  You know they put subliminal messages in them right?  I didn’t realize it at the time, but the tv was programming me to visit my local Popeyes real soon.  I had planned to go before work one day but left the house late.  I still could have gone but I would have been late for work.  *ponders if I could have told massa that I was late cause the commercial made me stop for chicken before work?*  Anyway, days and days go by with no savory cajun delectables.  Finally an off day.  It rained ALL damn day and while I loves me some chicken from Popeyes, I love me more and sugar melts in the rain so I stayed in.

Later on the rain let up and I realized that I had to run to the bank before they closed.  I made the trip to the popeyes in traffic (cause I wanted it that bad.  Yea I’m!)  I get to the drive through, got Naughty By Nature playing *cause u gotta have hood music on when you go to get chicken*  I pulls up and she says to hold on.  Not a problem.  I haven’t eaten since breakfast but a few more minutes won’t hurt right?

me:  I would like an 8 piece please *not all for me u scallywags, for dinner with the kids*

her:  mild/spicy

me:  well I’d like it spicy but I want two legs mild *for little miss*

her:  oh well we only have wings and thighs spicy

me:  pause.  Rethinks

me:   *plan b*  ok well I’d like a 4 pc please, all wings, spicy

her:  we only have three wings



So after I hissed at her I settled for those three wings that I knew would be non fresh but I wanted some spicy wings that bad.

How the hell is it the dinner hour and you don’t have the chicken necessary to satisfy my random nigga cravings???!!!  I mean, WTF?  AND why does every Popeyes have the ghettoest mf working there.  The woman at the window had to be in her fifties, grey hair, missing teefs and tattoos on her neck.  Um, can we get some mf standards please (says the chick whose tattoo shows at work sometimes too tee hee hee)

So I said all that to say that Popeyes needs to get it together cause they just absolutely ruined my niggarific need for chicken experience.  Ruined!!!


*ironically my first job at 14 was at Popeyes*



  1. Too damn funny. I had that same experience trying to get some spicy chicken with a coupon from the White Castle/Church’s. Ordered lots of spicy and all of it was mild and bland! Fuckas!

    Comment by thesecondsixtyeight — April 3, 2009 @ 3:29 PM

  2. I recently had a VERY similar incident at KFC. Misery! Peace.

    Comment by freedom — April 3, 2009 @ 6:36 PM

  3. Its a shame that we have to suffer such madness to get our chicken fix fixed.

    Comment by Within — April 4, 2009 @ 5:14 PM

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